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Welcome to my graphic design gallery, where creativity meets versatility. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects spanning various industries and design requirements. From luxury retail brands to e-commerce ventures, and from corporate rebranding efforts to creative ventures like claymation shows, each project has contributed to my growth as a designer and storyteller.

In this section, I invite you to explore a curated selection of my work, showcasing samples from some notable projects I’ve been involved in. Each project represents a unique challenge and opportunity to push creative boundaries.

As you navigate through these featured projects, you’ll discover my commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and passion for delivering impactful design solutions that resonate with audiences. Whether it’s through sleek website designs, eye-catching print materials, or engaging digital campaigns, my goal is always to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Star VNU retail GRoup Star


Played a pivotal role in the rebranding efforts of VNU Retail Group, a company specializing in aspirational marketing and luxury products sold online through credit lines.


Designed the website and landing pages for Emporium, a secondary brand under VNU Retail Group catering to prime customers, following similar luxury branding guidelines.

Star Epson Latin America Star

Contracted to reduce expenses and provide language modifications (Spanish and Portuguese) to existing assets for Epson Latin America. Also responsible for creating new assets, primarily featuring web banners.

Star Murad Star

Produced a variety of digital assets for Murad (Dermatologist Developed Brand), including hero images, banners, and email blasts, contributing to their online marketing efforts.

Star Yesimo Star

Designed the website and email campaigns for Yesimo, an e-commerce company targeting Latino cross-border shoppers by offering currency and bilingual language support.

Star Hesher Talk Star

Oversaw the design and creation of physical clay puppets for Hesher Talk, a claymation music critique show. Additionally, designed the show’s logo.

Star Miscellaneous Designs Star

Showcase of various design projects across different industries.